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Our clients include innovators, creators, disrupters, and entrepreneurs who are working at the forefront of their industries to drive scientific, economic, and social progress. 

Our clients range from individual inventors and creatives to the largest multinational corporations including both privately held companies and those publicly traded on various stock exchanges and listed in the Fortune 500.  One of the things our lawyers are most proud of and enjoy is that we get to work daily with numerous entrepreneurial businesses, including those owned by women, people of color and members of other historically disadvantaged groups.

What unites our clients is that intellectual property is typically core to their business or at least central to the legal issue that they are bringing to us.  The work that our clients do is incredible – whether it is creating innovative products and services, supporting other entrepreneurs and businesses, or initiatives that have a wider impact in our society as a whole. It is an honor and privilege for us to support their work. 

We work with clients in a wide variety of industries including life sciences, healthcare, software, electronics, consumer products, automotive, energy, hospitality, food and beverage, fashion, media, construction, manufacturing, marketing and other service providers, among others.  These are just a few examples of the amazing clients with whom we work:

  • Semi-custom and high-end stationery brand that features the art of over forty living women artists
  • A company that focuses on making women’s lives easier by designing sewing patterns that better fit their bodies
  • A wellness start-up that specializes in heirloom and herbal formulas designed to help alleviate body pain and improve mobility
  • Beverage company that makes non-alcoholic beverages and advocates for normalizing alternatives to alcoholic beverages
  • Importer of aged Guatemalan rum encased in traditional Guatemalan weaving, to promote and ensure the continued relevancy of the ancient indigenous craft
  • Classically trained French-trained pastry chef who now makes various innovative gluten-free products including croissants, other pastries out of laminated dough, and even bagels after she developed a severe gluten allergy
  • Legal staffing company that has a highly diverse workforce and developed an innovative new suite of services to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession
  • An award-winning digital media studio whose original work reaches diverse audiences with programming that focuses on social justice, including a journalism podcast chronicling how people are tackling jail reform around the country
  • Consultancy helping to bridge the gap between industry and academia and promote a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive fashion industry.  Services include a revolutionary web platform that amplifies the voices of those who have been racialized (and thus marginalized) in fashion, illuminates under-examined histories, and otherwise address racism throughout the fashion system
  • A New York City fashion designer, whose brand draws inspiration from art, music, and culture to “dress the modern intellect” in versatile, ready-to-wear luxury separates that harmonize utility and technology
  • Montessori-inspired, music-based preschool/daycare with multiple locations in Cambridge, MA that inspires children through a culturally immersive educational program rooted in the values of kindness, empathy, and respect
  • A renewable materials company that developed an entirely unique and proprietary end-to-end process that utilizes water as a medium to transform plants (such as trees) into new ingredients that are suitable for use in a variety of products and applications, ranging from biofuels to skin care products to industrial applications
  • A global technology service provider that delivers next-generation digital managed services
  • An investment firm that trades financial transmission rights in the wholesale electricity markets using a combination of fundamental, algorithmic, and quantitative trading techniques