colorful umbrellas in the skyIntellectual Property is a key strategic asset for any business. Our firm advises clients in developing and implementing a thorough and effective program for protection and management of these assets. A strong and well thought out intellectual property portfolio helps clients maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace and lessens the need for costly and distracting enforcement actions in the future.

We help our clients identify their intellectual property assets and assist them in determining which among those assets are of most importance to the business. Using our understanding of the likely areas of risks to the intellectual property, we help clients developing and implement a plan for protecting the intellectual property, including registration and enforcement, where appropriate. Once those elements are in place, we assist clients in the on-going monitoring of threats to a company’s intellectual property, as well as the prompt and comprehensive response to such threats.

Our IP Services include:

  • Trademark searching, selection and clearance
  • Registering trademarks (including both logos and word marks) and trade dress
  • Copyright registration and rights clearance
  • Trademark co-existence agreements, licenses and assignments
  • Confidentiality agreements and NDAs
  • Joint development and/or material transfer agreements
  • IP and Software license agreements
  • IP asset purchase agreements and assignments
  • Sponsored research agreements
  • Intellectual Property Agreements for employees
  • Advice on the intellectual property aspects of various agreements including those involving vendors, suppliers, customers, and employees, as well as employee policies
  • Due diligence for deals or litigation financing opportunities, including IP portfolio analysis
  • We assist clients in deciding whether to protect inventions as trade secrets or through patenting, including developing an understanding of the scope of the prior art relevant to the invention. If the decision is made to seek patent protection for an invention, our team assists clients with pursuing patent protection, including the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, relying on colleagues in our network for assistance where appropriate.
  • We also assist clients in developing programs for the governance and management of trade secrets including enhancing existing business processes and developing and implementing new processes and methods for protecting trade secrets.
  • Enforcement– we provide the full range of IP monitoring and enforcement services, including infringement and misappropriation investigations, cease and desist letters, licensing programs, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings, and litigation