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For our larger, more established clients, especially those with in-house legal teams, we provide a diverse and cost-effective alternative to BigLaw. We can handle many routine matters for larger clients that cannot be handled in house either due to a lack of expertise in a particular area or other resource constraints, such as smaller litigation matters, routine agreements, and IP protection.

On larger matters, we frequently partner with other law firms, serving as co-counsel or local counsel depending on the needs of the matter.  We also serve as a tier-2 diverse partner to many larger firms in on-going client engagements.

We have experience working with companies in a number of industries including manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical, software and technology, consumer electronics, consumer products, energy, hospitality, food and beverage, construction, financial services including alternative investment vehicles, private equity, healthcare, marketing, and many kinds of service providers.

Why do large companies work with us?

In addition to our core values, our large company clients value our decades of experience working with companies like theirs in a variety of industries solving sophisticated and complex legal problems We have worked with (and in) many larger companies for most of our careers, understand how they work and have done and can do the work larger companies need.  We offer the same quality and many of the same services found in BigLaw, at a boutique firm price point.

We are a certified women-owned law firm and thus add diversity to the outside counsel pool for large companies. We are excellent collaborators, work well with other outside counsel from all sizes of firms, and can thus handle even large matters as part of a team.

Our larger clients also appreciate that we are innovators, on the cutting edge in our fields, such as by offering trade secret protection services not typically found in BigLaw.