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Many of our emerging growth clients typically have no or limited existing legal support. These clients can be at any stage in their life cycle, from startup to established business, but generally are focused on scaling and growth as an immediate or long-term goal. Many of these clients are in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space, such as food and beverage products, stationery, or apparel, or are service-based businesses such as restaurants and bakeries, business and lifestyle coaches, marketing professionals and even other lawyers.

We are frequently asked to execute on specific projects, such as a particular agreement, IP protection issue, strategic transaction, or business dispute.  In those circumstances, we work with our clients to understand the value and priority of the project in the context of their overall business and business goals and ensure that the legal services we deliver meets those goals.

For many of our emerging growth clients, we provide a holistic legal evaluation of the business, including identifying all the legal support necessary to execute on long- and short-term business goals and strategies as well as identifying relevant areas of legal risk. We develop and implement an actionable, prioritized plan for legal protection that meets these goals and minimizes risks within the company’s budget.

For clients whose legal needs are more extensive, we serve as part-time outside general counsel, handling a variety of matters including all of the above and also employment and independent contractor matters.

Why do emerging growth companies work with us?

In addition to our core values , our emerging growth clients value that we are business owners or have worked in house for businesses and know what it is like to start, run and grow a business. We have worked with large companies so we know what smaller companies will need – and will not need – as they grow, which helps us stay within reasonable budgets. We believe in educating our clients to be smart consumers of legal services and to ensure they have the legal knowledge necessary to run their businesses better and be properly positioned for growth. Clients tell us they like to work with us because we speak their language. They see working with us as an investment in their future, not just an ordinary business expense.