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Written by: Andrew Costa and Katherine Cancelliere

Each November, ND Galli Law celebrates a few of our wonderful clients. This year’s client spotlights focus on three of our clients, who each, in their own way, is transforming their industry or otherwise having a positive impact on society. Cashmerette, owned by Jenny Rushmore, is empowering women of all shapes and sizes to create their own clothes that are both well-fitting and stylish. Kun Health is a father and daughter owned wellness startup that is helping people live and move freely without pain through supplements that embrace traditional Chinese medicine and heirloom herbs. Johnathan Hayden is an innovative fashion designer who marries fashion with technology in new and sustainable ways. You can read more about each of these clients and the work that they do below.

Cashmerette – Sewing for Curves

Cashmerette is a woman-owned company that focuses on making women’s lives easier by designing sewing patterns that better fit their bodies. Jenny Rushmore, Cashmerette’s founder, realized that it was almost impossible for many women to find clothes that did not gape, pull, or pucker, and if they did, the clothing was an oversized tent – even if they made them for themselves from commercially available patterns. She struggled with finding clothes that fit her own curvy body, so she set out to design them herself, and in so doing, help other women with the same issue. Jenny learned how to sew at 30 years old and quickly realized that even standard sewing patterns were not made to fit curvy women. Instead of changing her body, Jenny decided to change the patterns. Cashmerette now offers sewing patterns specially crafted in all sizes 0-32 and for bra cup sizes C-H. They also provide a monthly Cashmerette Club with online workshops, books, free tutorials – and a wonderful and accepting community. Cashmerette’s dedication to helping women embrace their bodies is inspiring. ND Galli Law has assisted Cashmerette with its intellectual property and corporate needs. It has been truly a pleasure to work with Jenny and Cashmerette as she continues to grow her incredibly inclusive endeavor.

Kun – Heritage Chinese Medicine

Kun Health is a recently launched wellness start-up that specializes in heirloom and herbal formulas designed to help alleviate body pain and improve mobility. The company began as a collaboration between father and daughter, Ying and Jiaming Ju. Jiaming is Kun Health’s founder and CEO. She is not only an impressive entrepreneur, but an immigrant, mother, daughter, longevity economist, and Traditional Chinese medicine doctor in training. She also studies transitional care management (TCM). Her father, Ying, has decades of clinical experience working in TCM, and it is their shared passion that makes their work together transformative and rewarding. Ying serves as the Chief Formula Officer for Kun Health. He had always dreamed of opening his own practice, and after building a reputation for himself as a clinician, he now cherishes the opportunity to work alongside his daughter. His meticulous approach to TCM is put directly to practice through their herbal products. ND Galli Law’s work with Kun Health, Jiaming and Ying has been truly rewarding, as we assist them in protecting their trademarks and other IP assets. We are inspired by their story and look forward to their future success.

Special bonus for our readers: we asked Jiaming for a wellness tip to share with our network. With holiday celebrations coming up, she shared this one: “If you already suffer from knee pain or lower back pain, avoid cold, iced beer at all costs! It will make the pain worse.” Hmmm. . . maybe it’s time to switch to wine – or perhaps a non-alcoholic beverage from ND Galli Law client Mingle Mocktails! Cheers!

Johnathan Hayden – Fashion that Marries Aesthetics, Function, and Technology for Human-Centered Design

Johnathan Hayden is an impressive New York City designer, whose namesake brand draws inspiration from art, music, and culture to “dress the modern intellect” in versatile, ready-to-wear luxury separates that harmonize utility and technology. Johnathan’s collections are not only impressive for their aesthetic beauty, but also for their global consciousness. He deploys new and innovative couture techniques so that his pieces last a lifetime. His brand also partners with non-profits such as design for disability and diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. He is also a member of the New York Fashion Workforce Development Coalition (NYFWDC) focused on shaping legislation for NYC Garment District and larger domestic manufacturing initiatives via The FABRIC Act. That effort is also reflected in his brand’s commitment to locally source, research, and ethically manufacture its luxury clothing. Johnathan’s success began early, since he launched a capsule collection in Monte Carlo at the age of 19, while studying at The Art Institute of Dallas. He has since attended graduate school at The Savannah College of Art and Design, and been showcased at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, among many others. His work has also been internationally featured at Vogue Mexico in 2021. Most recently he has shown at New York Fashion Week with International Fashion Conglomerate LVMH. Outside of fashion design, Johnathan is also a skilled animator and illustrator, designing instructional textbooks and creative direction for other brands. ND Galli Law has assisted Johnathan with negotiating several brand partnership opportunities and to develop his intellectual property and corporate strategy. We admire Johnathan’s work and perseverance and look forward to continuing to support the development of his brand. 

These are just a few snapshots of the innovative and creative work our clients do, making our work even more fulfilling. We’re thankful for all of you!

November 2022 Client Spotlight
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